Water Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers love water! Water activities for toddlers give them the chance to splash and pour and get wet. Most toddlers can’t get enough of exploring water. Of course, close parental supervision and water safety are always needed when a toddler is around water. Here are some water activities for toddlers

Float Or Sink?

What you need: A bucket/ big bowl/or child’s pool, several different toys and household objects, some that float, and some that sink

What you do: Fill up the bucket/ bowl/ or child’s pool and let your toddler choose objects, one by one to drop in and see if they sink or float. This is also a great way to work on vocabulary by naming the objects, their colors, or their shapes. In the end, expect your toddler to turn this into a game of splash!

Creating Water Designs:

What you need: metal cake pan (or something shallow to pour water in), sponges cut into shape, letters, or other designs, toys that could make water designs like a medium-sized car, a pony, etc.

What you do: Go outside to a back patio or sidewalk, fill the metal cake pan with water and let your toddler make water designs on the concrete. Show your child how to make handprints, how to make designs with the sponges and how to make tracks with the car or footprints with the pony. If little puddles form let your child splash them with his/her hands.

Pour Practice:

What you need: big bowl/bucket, assortment of cups

What you do: Go outside and fill your big bowl or bucket up with water. Let your toddler use the cups to scoop water out and practice pouring into other cups. This is a great way to work on coordination and toddlers love pouring! You could also do this in the bathtub.

Playing in the Sprinkler:

What you need: A sprinkler, a warm day, sunblock

What you do: Go outside, turn your sprinkler on in the grass and let your toddler run around in it and get wet. Many young toddlers will not have the coordination yet to jump over a sprinkler, but they can still run around and enjoy getting wet!

Toddlers can have so much fun learning and exploring with water!

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