Toddler Toys

Toddler toys: it only takes one stroll down a toy aisle to realize a person could spend quite a bit on them. There are so many options out there, but some toys will only spark your child’s interest for a short time. To get the most bang for your buck you have to be choosy about what types of toys you buy. Here are some questions to ask when looking for toddler toys your child will enjoy time and again

Is this toy age appropriate?: Toys too young for your child won’t hold his/her attention, toys made for older children may have small parts not intended for toddlers.
Is it Educational?: It doesn’t have to have the alphabet on it to be educational, but you want something that will stimulate your child’s mind. Some toddler toys have lots of lights and sounds, but do little else to draw your child in, quickly leaving your child bored.
Does it allow my child to use his/her imagination?: Even toddlers love to create, so a toy that allows them to use their imagination will be one they play with time and time again.
Will my child tire of this quickly?: You know your child. Even if a toy would be great for toddlers in general, if it doesn’t fit your child’s interests it could easily become just another unused toy.

Classic Toys your Child may Love:

Some toys have been around for decades because they continually provide the enjoyment toddlers love. Here are a list of toddler toys that have remained a hit with toddlers for some time.

Wooden Blocks: What’s not to love about the traditional wooden block set with the rectangles, triangles, squares, etc.? They can be used to build roads, castles, towers, zoos, horse stalls, whatever you and your child can dream up. They are not only versatile but also educational. You can teach shapes with them and your child can learn how to balance one object on another. Also making block towers is part of the cognitive developmental milestones for 2 and 3 year olds.

Mega Bloks: These blocks are less likely to fall down than traditional wooden blocks and they can help teach your child colors. They are great for helping to develop basic hand coordination and your child can stack them in a variety of ways.

Musical Instruments: The preferred musical instruments are the ones that let the child dictate the sound and not just a toy that plays a song every time your toddler hits a button. Musical instruments are great for teaching your child rhythm and patterns, as well as being a great way for toddlers to use their imaginations. Great toddler instruments are the ones made specifically for toddlers. Some you may find in the toy aisle are xylophones, maracas, tambourines, cymbals, drums, and triangles.

Balls: Balls help your toddler develop motor skills. You could try big inflated balls, soccer balls, toddler basketballs (and even the basketball hoop) etc. Play catch with your toddler, roll the ball to your toddler, have them chase balls, etc. There are so many things they can do with a ball.

Cars and Trucks:Some toddlers can play with cars and trucks for hours. They love to drive on the table, on the floor, on their roads made out of blocks, and more. Cars and trucks are usually good toys for toddlers as long as you get age appropriate ones.

Toy Phones: The look of toy phones has changed within the past few decades, but the fact that toddlers love to play with them has not. Toy phones are great toys because they allow your child to participate in roll play.

Baby Dolls: Toddlers can be very nurturing and many of them like to try out those nurturing skills on baby dolls. Playing with dolls is great because it gives toddlers a chance to think about what “someone else” might need. Give them a bottle to feed their baby or a blanket to wrap them up in and most toddlers will be happy taking care of a doll.

Toy Kitchen: A toddler will begin the milestone accomplishment of imitation and make-believe play in the toddler years. A toy like this where toddlers can pretend to prepare food (and share it with you) helps them use and refine those new skills.

Plastic Animals: Most toddlers love animals. Get them a set of plastic animals, whether barnyard animals or wild animals and let them play and practice their animal sounds at the same time!

Wooden Puzzles: There are so many fun wooden puzzles out there for toddlers it’s easy to find some your toddler will be interested in.

Investing in the right kinds of toddler toys can help your toddler to learn and develop skills while playing.


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