Toddler Safety Devices

Toddlers are quick. They’re playing beside you one minute, flushing toys down the potty the next! Toddler safety devices are there to help protect toddlers, because let’s face it, sometimes parents need some help keeping their little explorers safe!


Sometimes a parent can solve a safety concern without buying a special safety device. It’s nice, though, to know your options and have an idea of what safety products are available to help protect your toddler. Here’s a list of toddler safety products and what their purposes are:

Choke Tube Tester: This is a tube you can use to see if an object is a choking hazard for your little one. If it’s small enough to fit in the tube, it’s small enough to be a choking hazard.

Child-Safety Window Guard: These protect children from falling out of open windows, something especially hazardous in multi-level homes. Make sure to choose a window guard that spaces the bars close enough together so it doesn’t become a strangulation hazard. Also, you need one that can be removed quickly in cases of emergency like a fire.

No-Tip Furniture Brackets or Straps or Anchors: These help protect toddlers from furniture tipping over on them. Toddlers may try to climb dressers, bookshelves, etc. These types of brackets or straps hold your furniture to the wall, helping to prevent them from falling on your child. Choose a product strong enough for your furniture.

Door Finger Guards: These help prevent your child’s fingers from being slammed in a door, which besides being painful, can require stitches or even hand surgery. Finger guards also prevent your child from shutting themselves in a room.

Banister Guard Kits: Does your banister leave enough room for your child to partially squeeze through? These guards, often clear, prevent your child from squeezing through.

Stove Knob Covers: Are the knobs on your stove within reach of your little one? Stove knob covers help prevent your toddler from turning on the stove.

Cabinet and Drawer Locks: You can find cabinet locks to fit any style of cabinet, even lazy susans.There are even locks that use magnets. Drawer locks come in a variety of styles as well. These are great to keep your child out of cabinets and drawers with dangerous items in them like cleaning supplies, knives, large plastic bags, etc. This is one of the toddler safety devices that is almost a must because most parents will have cabinets or drawers toddlers need to stay out of.

Blind Winder Cord Shorteners: These help wind up the cords on your blinds to prevent strangulation.

Oven Door Lock: Keeps your little one from opening the oven.

Door Knob Locks: These are used to keep your child from opening a door. These are great for doors leading outside, closet doors you don’t want your child opening, bathroom doors, etc. They come in a variety of styles including styles to fit traditional round door knobs and those to fit lever door knobs. This is a toddler safety device that almost everyone can benefit from having.

Toilet Safety Locks: Protect your child from your toilet while also protecting your toilet from your child. These locks also come in a variety of styles and are designed to prevent your toddler from opening up the toilet lid.

Furniture Edge Cushions: Help protect your child from getting hurt on sharp furniture edges of coffee tables, TV tables, end tables, etc. These provide cushion all along the edges of your furniture.

This is just a sampling of all the toddler safety devices on the market today. It’s nice to know that parents today have such a variety of products they can use to help prevent accidents at home. No toddler safety product can substitute for parental supervision, but they sure can make it easier to keep your toddler safe.

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