Toddler Music

Toddler music is fun, it’s simple and it’s something you and your child can enjoy together.

Besides just being great for bonding, music time for your toddler helps in other ways:

  • Music is great for your child’s memory and makes it easier for your toddler to learn and retain information.
  • Music helps expand a growing vocabulary. A child may hear a word in a song he/she wouldn’t usually hear in everyday life.
  • Music can help relax your child. Think of a lullaby or another calming song that helps put your little one in a relaxed mood.
  • Music can help with coordination. When toddlers clap, sway, or otherwise move to the beat it helps them with their coordination.
  • Rhythm can help teach patterns.

Toddlers reap the most benefits from music when they are actively participating in music.

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