Toddler Learning Activity: “Find It” Jar

Once this craft jar is made, it becomes a fun, reusable toddler learning activity. Your toddler (or preschooler) can try to find the objects hidden in the jar. You could use this jar to help your toddler’s vocabulary, to introduce colors or shapes, or simply just for fun!

This craft idea is also made from items around the house, making it practically free! Look below for a list of needed materials, and step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Materials Needed To Make This Craft:

– A clean peanut butter jar (or other plastic jar)

-Lots of little objects like shells, buttons, screws, coins, etc

-Rice, birdseed, quinoa, or other “filler”

-Hot Glue Gun

-Paper & Pen (to list objects in jar)

How to Make This Toddler Learning Activity Jar:

Write a list of all the objects you are putting in your peanut butter jar.

Next, open up your peanut butter jar (or other plastic jar) and add all of your little objects. The more objects the better! Once the rice or other filler is poured in, it can make it hard to see all the items. The more you have, the more fun this little “Find It” jar will be.

Pour the rice, birdseed, quinoa or other filler in. Don’t fill your peanut butter container to the very top. Instead, leave some room to make it easy to shake.

Finally, put some hot glue around the lid area of the container, and screw the lid on. Add the list of items to the top of your container, and you are done!

Remember that making this jar is an adult activity, using this jar is the toddler learning activity (to be supervised, of course)!

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