Toddler Craft Valentine: Hand-print Heart

Looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft for your toddler (or preschooler)? This toddler craft valentine will melt your heart!

While this simple craft is truly perfect for the holiday of love, it can also makes a great gift idea for Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day as well!

Materials Needed For Toddler Arts and Craft:

  • Non-toxic, washable children’s paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 1 ceramic tile
  • Non-toxic, water-based sealer, like Mod Podge



Directions For Toddler Arts and Craft:

First, you may want to practice making hand-prints with your toddler or preschooler using water on paper, so your child learns to make the hand-prints with the fingers close together.

Next, paint your child’s left hand and put the hand at an angle on the tile, making sure the fingers are close together.



Wash your tot’s left hand then paint the right hand. Make another hand-print, keeping the fingers close together and having the right hand’s fingers overlapping the left hand’s fingers to make a heart shape on the tile.


If you mess up, don’t worry… just wash the paint off the tile and start over!

Once you have the two hand-prints in the right place, making the perfect valentine heart, it’s time for finishing touches. Add any additional decorations you want on the tile, including outlining the heart, writing a special message, or including your child’s name and the date.


Once the paint is dry, paint a layer of the sealer over the top to protect your precious toddler craft valentine. Once it dries, you are finished and ready to display. Remember to use caution with the tile to prevent your child from getting hurt!




If you are giving this fun art & craft as a gift, you may want to wrap it in some home-made wrapping paper!

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