Toddler Craft Idea: Butterfly Footprint Bag

Looking for a fun and simple toddler craft idea? Try making this footprint butterfly tote bag with your little one.
This art project is great for any occasion, but works especially well as a spring or summer craft idea. It’s also a great one to make if you are trying to find an insect arts and crafts idea for toddlers.
Sure, it could double as a preschool or grade-school activity too, but because your little one only needs to provide footprints, this craft has “perfect toddler activity” written all over it!

Materials Needed For This Easy Toddler Craft Idea:


To make this simple craft with your toddler you will need:

  • One small tote bag, any color you prefer (You can find these at craft stores and often at dollar stores)
  • Non-toxic paint (Washable paint is also good. If you mess up on the footprint the first time, you can wash the bag and try again)
  • A paint brush
  • Your toddler’s feet!



How to Make This Toddler Craft:

toddler craft idea footprint

First, paint one of your toddler’s feet the color you want the butterfly wings to be. Then, press your child’s foot onto the tote bag.

Next, paint the other foot and press it on the tote bag as well. The right footprint will make the left butterfly wing and the left footprint will make the right butterfly wing.

After the two footprints are on the bag, paint the butterfly’s body and antennas on the tote bag.

Last, add any other decorative touches you want on the bag including little slash marks to show the butterfly’s flight pattern.

You’re done! Now just allow the tote bag to dry before using.

This craft is not only great as a diy project with your toddler, but also makes a great gift for friends and family (especially grandma).

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