Toddler Chores

Are you trying to decide if your toddler should have chores? Sure, your child is too young to thoroughly get things cleaned up, but chores for toddlers are a great “hands-on” learning experience for them and a great activity to do together! Scroll down for a list of “chore ideas” toddlers (and even preschoolers) can do with a little help.

Certainly toddlers don’t have the fine motor skills or attention span to perform chores by themselves. But, what they lack in ability, they make up for in enthusiasm!

Finding chores for your toddler lets him/her help around the house: something toddlers love! Not to mention chores for toddlers can teach organization and sorting skills, and gives them a chance to practice following directions.

When letting toddlers help with the chores make sure to keep cleaners and other poisons locked away and follow water safety tips and other safety precautions.

Good Chores for Toddlers:

By breaking down everyday tasks into small pieces, you’ll discover  lots of chores your toddler can participate in. Here are some ideas:


  • Put napkins or paper towels in the trash
  • Put empty plastic plates, cups, and bowls in the sink
  • Help load plastic cups, plates, and bowls in dishwasher (Do not put in anything sharp or breakable)
  • Help wipe down table with dishcloth with water on it.
  • Help hold dustpan or help sweep.


  • Put dirty clothes in hamper or basket
  • Put toys in proper places
  • Put shoes away


  • Pick up toys
  • Pick up books
  • Pick up puzzles

Living Room:

  • Pick up toys
  • Pick up DVDs
  • Help push vacuum
  • Dust off coffee table

Laundry Room:

  • Put clothes in wash machine
  • Put clothes in dryer


  • Help with the garden

Toddlers love helping out and feeling big. By working with them to take care of the home you give them a chance to feel pride in their accomplishments and work on new skills.

Hopefully as your child gets older s/he will still love doing chores, but don’t count on it!

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