Ready to Switch from a Crib to Bed?

Going from a crib to bed is just one of the many transitions children make in their toddler years. Most will change from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a toddler or twin bed sometime between the ages of 2-3.

But there is more to consider than your child’s age when deciding if your little one is ready to transition from crib to bed.

Reasons For A Toddler To Transition From a Crib To A Bed:

  • Your child frequently climbs out of the crib: If your tot is continuously climbing out of the crib even when the mattress is at its lowest setting you may want to think about transitioning your toddler. At this point the crib is simply not able to protect your little one the way it did when your child was less agile.
  • Your child falls asleep easily after bedtime routine: If your tot knows how to lay down and fall asleep in a crib well, s/he may be ready to use a bed. Young children who don’t go to sleep well in a crib will probably not stay in a bed. If your child doesn’t have good sleeping habits yet, you may want to postpone moving him/her until after establishing a bedtime routine and a consistent bedtime.
  • The crib is needed for a new sibling: This often motivates parents but is not necessarily a good reason to transition a toddler. If your child seems ready to move to a bed, move him/her a couple months before the baby is born or a couple months after. You don’t want your toddler to feel like the baby took the crib from him/her. You want your child to understand the reason s/he transitioned was because s/he was big enough to sleep in a bed. If your child still hasn’t transitioned when the baby is born, try using a bassinet for the baby or borrowing a crib until your toddler is ready to move to a bed.

Reasons to Keep Your Toddler in the Crib a Little Longer:

  • Bedtime is already a struggle: If your little one struggles at bedtime before the transition, he/she will probably get out of bed frequently after the transition. If you don’t feel ready to teach your toddler to stay in bed, and if your little one is not constantly climbing out of the crib, you may want to wait a couple months to transition from crib to bed.
  • Your toddler is already going through a big change: There are so many changes children go through at this age. If your child is already going through another major transition, wait to switch him/her to a bed. Examples would be weaning, potty training, giving up a bottle or pacifier, moving, switching schools or daycare, new sibling, etc.

Keep Safety in Mind Too!

Little children with new beds may not stay put until morning. Remember to keep stairs gated and make sure your home is toddler-proof in case your little one wanders around alone. .

Don’t Worry… It May Be Fun!

It’s true, some children don’t transition well to a new bed. It’s also true that many toddlers do transition without major issues. Your child may be a simple success story too! And if you’ve found he/she isn’t ready after giving it an honest try, you can pull the crib out again and try the bed in a couple months. Young children change so much within a few months. A child who wasn’t initially ready may soon be ready to transition to a bed!

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