Potty Training Signs

Learn the potty training signs of readiness before you begin to potty or toilet train your toddler! Scroll down to learn all about the signs your toddler will show to let you know s/he is ready to begin!

Potty Training Signs To Look For:

Awareness Signs:

  • Toddler notices when he/she pees (wees) and poops (poos): It’s even better when your toddler notices before he/she pees or poops.
  • Toddler does not like being in a dirty diaper (or nappy): You’ll notice this by your child tugging at a dirty diaper, or coming to you for a diaper change.

Bowel and Bladder Control Signs:

  • Toddler can stay dry for a while: If your toddler wakes up dry from a nap, or can keep a diaper dry for about 2 hours at times, s/he probably has some bladder control.
  • Toddler has regular bowel movements: It can be harder to tell exactly when a toddler has some bowel control. Having bowel movements at about the same time each day can be a sign. A toddler who doesn’t poop while asleep may also be showing a sign of some bowel control. Bowel and bladder control often get better as a child ages and his/her body matures a little more.

Physical/ Verbal Signs:

  • Toddler can pull pants up and down
  • Toddler can get on and off of a potty chair or toilet seat with minimal or no assistance
  • Toddler has adequate communication skills

Mental And Emotional Readiness Signs:

  • Toddler shows an interest in the toilet (or potty)
  • Child is in a cooperative phase: You don’t want to begin the potty training process if your child is in an argumentative or disobedient phase since this can turn potty training into a power struggle. By waiting until your child is cooperative, the whole process will go more smoothly!

The more readiness signs your child shows, the better! If you begin potty training and discover that your child is truly not ready, it’s okay to take a break and begin again a little later.

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