Potty Training Girls

Ready to potty train your daughter? Find 5 great tips for potty training girls.

Potty Training Girls Tip #1: Wait Until She’s Ready!

The first step to successfully toilet train is to make sure your toddler is ready! Girls often train sooner than boys, but don’t use other toddlers as a guide to decide when your little girl is ready to potty train. Watch for these signs to know when she’s ready to start potty training: She notices when she  pees or poos. She dislikes being in a dirty or wet diaper. She can stay dry for about 2 hours, like waking up dry after a nap (meaning she has some bladder control). She shows an interest in the toilet or potty. She’s in a cooperative phase (it’s never a good idea to start training a toddler at the height of the terrible twos!).

Potty Training Girls Tip #2: Teach Her The Right Way To Wipe!

In the beginning of potty training, parents are often the ones making sure the wiping is done properly. Don’t forget to use this time to teach your daughter the proper way to wipe too. Girls need to learn to wipe from front to back (and not vice versa) to help prevent infections. If it’s too confusing or your daughter’s arms can’t reach, teach her to pat dry after peeing and continue wiping her after she goes poop. As she ages you can continue to reinforce the idea of wiping front to back.

Potty Training Girls Tip #3: Stay Positive!

Potty training is a life-changing event for toddlers. It can sometimes feel overwhelming too, especially after an accident! Parents can help alleviate stress, and continue to build their toddler’s confidence by staying calm and positive. This sends the message to your daughter that you believe in her and know she can succeed!

Avoid saying things to make her feel like she’s not a big girl, and recognize that toilet training doesn’t usually happen without accidents!

If you start to feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the amount of accidents, re-evaluate if your daughter is truly ready for potty training. If you know she is, take a moment to think of all the little potty training successes she’s had along the way, and realize that one day she will be fully potty trained!

Potty Training Girls Tip #4: Try The Absorbent Training Panties!

Some parents prefer to keep their potty training daughter in diapers at first, other parents prefer pullups, or switching straight to panties. No matter which potty training method you’ve decided on, it is often helpful for toddlers to spend some time wearing underwear or panties. When a little girl has an accident in underwear or panties she’s going to feel it much more dramatically than she would in a diaper or pullup. This can help her learn to recognize her body’s cues for when it’s time to go pee or poop. If you want your little girl to wear underwear sometimes, but are worried about the mess, try putting a vinyl diaper cover over absorbent training panties. That way she’ll learn to recognize when she has an accident and you’ll have less clean up than with traditional panties!

Potty Training Girls Tip #5: Don’t Let It Turn Into A Power Struggle!

Toddlers are developmentally at an age where they seek some independence. This can be good when it’s time to toilet train, since it can motivate a girl to learn to go by herself. It can also be bad, especially if your daughter feels forced into potty training. Don’t allow potty training to turn into a power struggle. You don’t want your daughter to think you want her to toilet train more than she wants to toilet train!
When training, stay positive and offer her choices. Does she want to use a potty chair or the toilet seat? Does she want to try to go potty again in 20 minutes or 30 minutes? Which sticker does she want to put on her chart? Which bathroom does she want to use? By giving your daughter some control in the process, it’s much less likely to turn into a power struggle.

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