Potty Training Boys

Need a few tips for potty training boys? Transitioning from diapers to underwear isn’t always easy, but the five tips below can help your little one succeed!

Potty Training Boys Tip #1: Don’t Start Too Soon!

When it comes to potty training success, it’s all about timing. Wait to begin until your son shows signs he’s ready to start potty training. Boys often toilet train later than girls, but not always. Watch for the signs to know when he’s ready: Does he show an interest in the potty or toilet? Does he notice his bodily functions? Does he show some bowel and bladder control? Can he communicate to you when he’s gone pee or poo? Is he in a cooperative phase?
Many times parents begin potty training because they are ready to potty train, and not because their toddler is ready. This can quickly lead to a power struggle, or make a toddler feel like a failure when he doesn’t grasp the concept! By waiting until your son is ready, you will make toilet training less stressful on the both of you!

Potty Training Boys Tip #2: Make it Fun!

Toddler boys want fun. They want to be a part of  the action! Make toilet training something that’s fun and exciting. Choose fun rewards as potty training motivation for him. Keep your energy and attitude upbeat, even after accidents. Praise every success, maybe even by incorporating a special handshake or silly dance. And don’t forget to give him lots of choices! You can let him choose which underwear to wear, whether to use the potty chair or toilet seat, whether to try and go potty in 25 minutes or 30 minutes, which bathroom to use, etc. Boys will enjoy learning to use the toilet more when it’s fun and they have options!

Potty Training Boys Tip #3: Teach Him to Potty While Sitting First!

When boys first begin potty training, it’s best to make the process as simple as possible. In the beginning, he may recognize he needs to use the potty or toilet, but may not remember if he needs to pee or poop. For this reason, it’s easiest to train him first by having him sit every time he goes.
Once he’s doing well and having minimal day-time accidents, then you can introduce him to the idea of peeing while standing up. It often takes quite a bit of practice for toddler boys to learn to aim in the toilet though!

Potty Training Boys Tip #4: Use Underwear, At Least Part Time!

Potty training success often comes after several failures. The accidents are often what teaches a toddler when he needs to go pee or poop. When a toddler wears underwear, he can feel an accident better than when he wears a pullup or diaper. Depending on which potty training method you’re using, your son may not always wear underwear, but consider putting him in underwear at least some of the time. If you are concerned about the mess an accident could cause in your home, try putting your son in absorbent training underwear and then put a vinyl diaper cover over the underwear. Remember to take him to the potty or toilet frequently as well.

Potty Training Boys Tip #5: Don’t Expect Night-Time Dryness Now!

Toddler bed wetting is very common among children who are day-time toilet trained. Some toddlers never experience bed wetting, some outgrow it quickly, and some continue to wet the bed until they are much older. Statistically, boys are more likely to wet the bed than girls. So if your little one is a super star at toilet training during the day, don’t get upset if he still can’t stay dry at night.

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