Is My Child Ready to Start Potty Training?

Many parents have looked forward to the day they will start potty training their child since the first day they changed a dirty diaper!

Now here you are, the parent of a toddler, asking yourself if your child is ready to begin toilet training? Maybe your tot is starting to show an interest in the potty, maybe your child is telling you when he/she has a dirty diaper. Maybe you just feel like your child should be old enough to be potty trained. Whatever your reason, it’s important to make sure your child is ready to start potty training before you begin.

Potty training can be a lot of work. Little children have little bladders and will need frequent bathroom breaks to stay clean and dry. Many get overwhelmed and need extra potty training motivation. Also, young children have short attention spans and many will have accidents after they are “potty trained” because they play until they simply can’t hold it anymore! Toddlers also are known for being stubborn! Some parents luck out with children who learn to control their body quickly but for many parents potty training their toddler takes time, dedication, and loads of patience!

It takes more time, dedication and patience if you start potty-training your child before he/she is ready!

Signs Your Child Is Ready to Start Potty Training:

  • Has some “dry” times, meaning that your child can physically hold his/her urine (for example, if he/she wakes up dry from a nap)
  • Has an interest in using the potty.
  • Doesn’t like being in a dirty diaper.
  • Can pull pants up and down
  • Understands when he/she pees or poops
  • Has regular bowel movements (It’s easier to have success on the potty if you know when your child will need to go)
  • Wants to watch others go potty
  • Is in a cooperative phase

Does My Child Have to Show All the Potty Training Readiness Signs?

The more signs of readiness your child shows the better!

If, for example, your child can’t pull pants up and down then that’s one more thing you’ll have to do for him/her.

If your child has no interest in using the potty, your attempts to teach how to use the potty can easily turn into a power struggle. Very little potty training success will occur if this happens.

If your child doesn’t know how to make himself/herself pee or poop, you may spend a lot of time in the bathroom just waiting!

Of course every child is different. If your toddler seems ready and you are committed to potty training you may begin potty training even if s/he doesn’t show all the signs of being ready to start potty training.

You also want to make sure you are ready to begin potty training your toddler! If you are, the next steps are to choose a potty training method and decide between a potty chair or a toilet potty seat.

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