Helping Boys Aim In The Toilet

Want to improve your son’s aim in the toilet? Potty training can be messy. Unfortunately, cleaning up urine when your toddler does make it to the potty is a common reality among parents potty training toddler boys! Learning to pee in the toilet (and no where else) can be difficult for young boys. Don’t worry, here are some tips to help boys aim better, whether they are standing up to pee or sitting down!

Helping Boys Pee Inside The Toilet When Sitting To Pee:

  • Use the Splash Guard: Many toddler seats come with a splash guard to prevent pee from going where it shouldn’t. If you use the splash guard, you will be much less likely to clean up a mess later.
  • Have Your Toddler Sit Further Back: Positioning your toddler further back on the seat can help him aim better.
  • Have Your toddler Sit With Legs Spread Further Apart: Many times just sitting with the legs further apart on the toilet will help your toddler naturally aim down, preventing him from peeing on his underwear or on the floor.
  • Have Him Sit Backwards on the Toilet: If your son is sitting on the toilet facing the toilet tank, he will likely pee in the water and not on anything else.
  • Have Your Son Lean Forward, Putting His Chest Almost to His Knees: With some boys this can help them naturally aim down into the water while sitting.

Helping Toddler Boys Aim in the Toilet While Standing to Pee:

  • Drop a Few Circular Pieces of Cereal (like Cheerios Or Fruit Loops) in the Commode For Your Son to Aim At: Make aiming into the water more fun with a few little targets to aim at.
  • Make a Toilet Paper “Boat” For Him to Aim At: Take a small piece of toilet paper and fold it in a triangle then put it in and let him try and urinate on that.
  • Have Your Toddler Touch the Back of the Toilet: This works if your toilet is not too tall. Have your toddler boy stand right in front of the commode and have him put his hands on the back of it.  This will naturally cause him to aim directly into the commode. If your son can’t comfortably do this, then your toilet may not be the right design for this method.
  • Ask Him to Make Bubbles: When he pees directly into the  water (not the sides of the commode), it’s going to make some bubbles. Encourage him to make as many bubbles as he can.
  • Make Double Bubbles: Put a drop of dish detergent in the toilet before he pees. Then if he pees in the water he’ll make lots of bubbles.
  • Let Him Watch Daddy Go: Sometimes a live demonstration helps a young boy understand proper aiming technique. If Daddy is willing to use a few of his bathroom trips for instructional purposes, this can be a great learning opportunity for your son.
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