Easy Toddler Craft: Brown Paper Bag Music Maker

Looking for a fun and easy toddler craft? Try this brown paper bag music maker! This simple art project doubles as a craft and a toddler activity because once it’s done, your child can use it to make music!

It’s also very versatile, being easily turned into a patriotic craft idea, or a fall or Halloween craft idea too.

Plus, this craft is made from items you may already have around your house, making it practically free to make.

Materials Needed for Brown Paper Bag Music Maker:

– A brown paper bag (lunch sack size)

– Scissors (For adult use)

– Non-toxic washable paint & paintbrush

– A rubberband

– Dried beans, dried peas, dried lentils, or uncooked rice

Directions For Easy Toddler Craft: Brown Paper Bag Music Maker


– First, cut about two to three inches off of the top part of the brown paper sack.



-Next, it’s time to paint! For an everyday-style, let your toddler paint whatever colors and designs s/he would like! For a patriotic themed craft, you can help your little one paint a flag. For a fall themed craft, help your child paint the top part of the bag green and the rest of the bag orange!


– When the brown paper sack is dry, open it up and help your child fill the bag about 1/3 full with the dried beans, peas, lentils, or rice.

– Finally, secure the bag closed at the top with the rubber band. Now your toddler craft is ready to shake, shake shake! You may want to help your toddler try out the new instrument by singing a few toddler songs together!



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