Craft For Toddler: Cupcake Wrapper Flowers

Looking for a fun and easy craft for your toddler? Try making these flowers from cupcake wrappers! This is a great art project for your toddler, and makes a wonderful spring or summer craft! Plus, this toddler flower craft is fun to display when it’s finished!

Materials Needed For Cupcake Liner Craft For Toddler:

To make this simple toddler craft idea, you’ll need:

  • Cupcake wrappers (also called cupcake liners or cupcake paper). You can choose traditional sized wrappers or experiment with the larger or smaller sizes.
  • Washable, non-toxic children’s paint
  • Paintbrush (Optional. Younger toddlers may prefer finger-painting.)
  • Pipe-cleaners (Green for a traditional colored flower stem, or experiment with different colors for a new look).

Directions For Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft For Toddler:

First, set out the cupcake wrappers with the opening facing down. Next, help your toddler flatten the cupcake wrappers with his/her hand.

Next, let your toddler paint the cupcake wrappers. Whether you paint the inside or outside of the wrappers is up to you and your toddler. Only one side needs to be painted. Once the cupcake liners are all painted, let them dry completely.



After the cupcake liners are dry, help your toddler choose a pipe-cleaner. Then, take the pipe-cleaner and gently poke it through the center of the cupcake liner. Bend the tip of the pipe-cleaner to secure it to the cupcake liner flower. Now you can bend and shape the pipe-cleaner stem to make leaves, and your simple toddler craft is done! You may want to display your toddler flower craft in a vase with some tissue paper or as a bouquet with a bow around them!


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