“Clingy Sticks” Toddler Craft

Are you looking for a toddler craft your child can enjoy making today and then continue playing with in the future? If so, this is the perfect craft. Your toddler will have the chance to paint it now, and when it’s finished your toddler can use it to build an endless variety of shapes and designs.

Materials Needed:

For this toddler activity, you will need these materials:

  • Large Craft Sticks
  • Velcro circles with an adhesive back
  • Paint (It can be fingerpaint, or children’s craft paint. Just make sure it’s non-toxic and otherwise appropriate for toddlers.)
  • Craft glue/Hot glue/Wood glue (Optional, only needed if your velcro has trouble sticking to the sticks, and of course, these types of glue need to be used by the parent and not a toddler)

Steps for Making “Clingy Craft Sticks”

  1. With your help, let your toddler paint one side of the large craft sticks. Let the sticks dry. While they are drying (and hopefully without your toddler noticing) wipe off any excess paint on the ends of the sticks where the velcro will go later.
  2. Flip sticks over, and help your toddler paint the other side of the large craft sticks. As before, wipe off any excess paint at the ends of the sticks. Let dry.
  3. Once the sticks are completely dry, it’s time for an adult to finish this craft off. Simply take the craft sticks and add the velcro circles to the ends. You may need to use some glue if your velcro circles are not sticking well.
  4. Once the velcro has been securely added and any needed glue is dry, it’s time to play with the “clingy sticks”. Show your toddler how to attach the sticks together, and watch as your toddler has fun adding sticks onto each other.

Remember to always watch your toddler closely while playing to make sure the velcro circles aren’t removed and to prevent your toddler from putting the sticks in his/her mouth!

These sticks are a great tool to help teach shapes to your child by making triangles, rectangles, squares and more with them. Also use them for entertainment. They are great to bring along when you know your toddler will need a quiet activity, like at a restaurant or in a doctor’s office.

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