Christmas Craft: Hand-print Ornament

Looking for a simple Christmas craft you and your toddler can make together? This hand-print ornament craft is perfect. It’s simple, beautiful, quick to make, fun for your toddler,and can be kept as a keepsake for years to come! You can also make these crafts as little gifts for your toddler’s grandparents, teachers, or other family and friends.

Materials Needed to Make this Christmas Craft:

For this Christmas craft you will need:

  • At least one shatterproof (plastic) ornament: It should be big enough that a toddler’s hand can not fully wrap around it. The ornament doesn’t have to be glittery, if you prefer a more simple look. You can also buy a variety of shatterproof ornaments and make several hand-print ornament crafts.
  • Non-toxic Children’s Paint: Choose a color you prefer.
  • Small Paint Brush: This will be used to put the paint on your little one’s hand.

How to Make the Hand-print Ornament:

  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Open your paint, and dip the paintbrush in the paint.
  3. Using the little paintbrush, paint all over the palm of your toddler’s hand until every part of it is covered in wet paint.
  4. Take the ornament and place it in your child’s hand exactly the way you want the hand-print to be positioned on the ornament.
  5. Hang the ornament up and let it dry.
  6. Wash your toddler’s hands.

You’ve just created a beautiful keepsake ornament that will preserve the size of your toddler’s hand-print for you and your child to remember and enjoy year after year! And the best part is this simple craft is made quickly, meaning your toddler won’t lose interest while you make it together!

You can also put the date on your ornament and make a new one every year around Christmas as a fun way to chronicle your toddler’s growth!

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