Cheap Craft Idea: Homemade Vase

Tired of overspending on craft supplies? Try this cheap craft idea! This homemade vase is practically free to make and the perfect craft for kids of all ages, including toddlers and preschoolers! The vase is made from recycled household items, making it a great craft for Earth Day. It’s also ideal for a Mother’s Day present. You could even use this as a craft when learning about the letter “v”. This also makes a great indoor spring or summer activity that can be followed up with a nature walk to pick some flowers!

Scroll down for a list of materials needed, and step-by-step instructions with pictures!

Materials Needed For Homemade Vase (Cheap Craft Idea):

You will need:

– One empty, clean plastic bottle. Mayonnaise jars, salad dressing and BBQ sauce bottles, and even peanut butter jars all work well. Just clean thoroughly and remove the label.

-Tissue paper. This can be used tissue paper from a birthday party

-Washable, non-toxic, white school glue

-Paintbrush and plate


How to Make A Homemade Vase- Cheap Craft Idea:


First, make sure your plastic bottle is completely clean and that any outside labels have been removed. You may need to soak it in water.

Then, tear the colored tissue paper into little pieces and pour some of the white glue on a plate.




Next, let the child dip the paintbrush into the glue and apply a layer of glue to the outside of the plastic bottle.

The next step is to begin putting the tissue paper pieces onto the glue on the bottle or jar. Continue to do this until the jar is completely covered with tissue paper pieces. Make sure the pieces are smooth and completely pushed down.



Allow the bottle to dry, then the vase can be filled with water and flowers. Be careful not to spill when adding the water or the tissue paper’s colors may bleed.

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