Toddler Teething

Toddler teething is an issue most parents will face. Children often start the toddler years with only 6-8 teeth out of the 20 baby teeth (or temporary teeth, milk teeth, deciduous teeth) that will grow in. Of the average 12-14 baby teeth that come in during the toddler years, 8 of them are molars. These teeth may cause the most discomfort during the teething process. Learn more about teething symptoms, easing your toddlers pain, and when teething should end for your little one.

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Help Your Toddler Give up the Bottle

Are you wanting to help your toddler give up the bottle? According to the AAP, tots should phase out bottle use between 12-24 months of age. Some young children adjust well to drinking out of sippy cups, while others do not. Many tots who sometimes drink from a cup still prefer a bottle, especially when drinking milk. Here are some ideas to help wean your toddler from a bottle to a cup.

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