The Terrible Twos: A Comic

Is your toddler in the “terrible twos”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

terrible twos comic
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the “terrible twos”, when they begin and tips to cope


Is your toddler going through the “terrible twos”? You’ll know this phase by its characteristically defiant toddler behavior. Toddlers in this stage have tantrums, love saying “no”, and can disagree with you over anything! All sorts of bad behaviors can crop up during this stage including hitting, biting, throwing toys, and even the toddler throwing himself/herself down on the floor!

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Stop hitting

Has your toddler picked up the bad habit of hitting? It’s not uncommon for parents to deal with defiant negative behavior during the toddler years including toddler biting and hitting.

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Stop biting

Does your little one bite? Toddler biting is a problem many parents face. While some toddlers never make a habit out of biting, those who do can cause a lot of grief (and pain) for those around them.

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