Water Safety

Parents of toddlers know that water safety is an important issue to address! Many children will not learn to swim in their toddler years and even early swimmers are vulnerable to drowning.

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Toddler Safety Devices

Toddlers are quick. They’re playing beside you one minute, flushing toys down the potty the next! Toddler safety devices are there to help protect toddlers, because let’s face it, sometimes parents need some help keeping their little explorers safe!


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Poison Prevention

Poison prevention is vital to keeping toddlers safe. Young children are prone to putting everything in their mouths. They may also spill a poison on their skin or in their eyes or inhale poisonous fumes. Because of this it’s important for parents to focus on preventing toddler poisoning and know what to do if their tot does come in contact with a poison.

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Child Safety Seat/ Toddler Car Seat Tips

Whether you like to call it a child safety seat, toddler car seat, or just plain car seat, the purpose of it is the same: to protect your child if he/she is ever in a car accident. For a child safety seat to do it’s job properly, you have to choose one that will fit your child and your vehicle and make sure you buckle your child up properly every time your child goes for a ride. Remember too, that the safest place for your child is in the back seat.

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