Potty Training Successes

Potty training a toddler can take weeks, even months. Dealing with accidents and regression can sometimes be demoralizing for parents. You may wonder if your toddler will ever fully catch on. It’s easy to feel like your toddler isn’t progressing when s/he is still having accidents. The truth is, your toddler has probably already come a long way! You just have to step back for a moment (you know, after you clean up the latest accident) to see how far your little one has come. Take a look at these lists of toilet training successes to see how many successes your little one has already accomplished. Then, come back in a week or two and see what new successes your toddler has achieved. Noticing the progress made (no matter how slowly) can really help you stay positive while toilet training your toddler!

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Are You Ready to Potty Train Your Toddler?

Hooray! Your child is ready to potty train! This is great news! But before you begin potty training make sure you are ready too! Potty training can be a real commitment, and some children take longer to toilet train than others! Of course you don’t want to put off toilet training your little one if s/he is ready, but you also have to consider if you really have the time, energy, commitment, and patience to potty train your child right now.

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Helping Boys Aim In The Toilet

Want to improve your son’s aim in the toilet? Potty training can be messy. Unfortunately, cleaning up urine when your toddler does make it to the potty is a common reality among parents potty training toddler boys! Learning to pee in the toilet (and no where else) can be difficult for young boys. Don’t worry, here are some tips to help boys aim better, whether they are standing up to pee or sitting down!

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Help Your Toddler Poop in the Potty

Can’t get your child to poop in the potty?

For many toddlers, pooping in the potty is just not as easy as peeing in the potty! It makes sense, since many toddlers are used to squatting in a private corner rather than pooping in the sitting position with Mom or Dad watching! While there may not be one surefire way to get your child to use the toilet or potty, we’ve got several tips that may help your toddler master the potty and keep those underwear clean!  Check out our section below for lots of great tips and tricks to help your toddler poop in the potty!

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Potty Training Methods

There are probably as many potty training methods out there as there are versions of Little Red Riding Hood! It seems like everyone has an opinion on how (and by what age) a child should be trained. Once you know you are ready to potty train your toddler and your tot is ready to be potty trained, the next step is choosing a method. Deciding which potty training technique you’ll use is solely up to you, but here are some methods to consider

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