Teaching Toddlers

Teaching toddlers is all about finding ways to catch and hold their attention. As natural explorers, toddlers learn best by being an active part of the learning process. Toddlers aren’t content to sit on the sidelines, but instead want to get in on the action and master concepts by using as many of their 5 senses as possible!

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Toddler Social Development

Very important toddler social development occurs from the age of 1 to 3 years old. It will help your toddler’s social development if he/she has strong attachments to his/her parents. These close primary attachments can help teach your toddler positive ways to interact with others and help your little one feel confident and secure. Encourage these special attachments by spending one on one time with your child reading together, playing together, speaking together, and giving hugs and kisses when needed.

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Language Development In Toddlers

Language development in toddlers is a very fascinating thing. Most children enter their toddler years saying very little and leave their toddler years speaking in understandable sentences. Many  important language milestones are achieved while children are toddlers! Check out these amazing language achievements by age

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Toddler Milestones

A list of toddler milestones can be a very important tool for parents of young children. It shows developmentally where a child should be in various areas such as social development, emotional development, physical/sensory/motor development, cognitive development, and the development of language and communication skills.

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