Are You Ready to Potty Train Your Toddler?

Hooray! Your child is ready to potty train! This is great news! But before you begin potty training make sure you are ready too! Potty training can be a real commitment, and some children take longer to toilet train than others! Of course you don’t want to put off toilet training your little one if s/he is ready, but you also have to consider if you really have the time, energy, commitment, and patience to potty train your child right now.

Check out more info below to see why you may not want to begin the potty training process right now!

Reasons You May Want to Postpone Potty Training Your Toddler:

  • Upcoming Vacation: You don’t want to feel rushed (or put pressure on your tot) to finish potty training before a fast-approaching vacation
  • New Baby: The thought of having two in diapers may be motivation enough to potty train your toddler, but sometimes the change of having a new baby can make toddlers a little less cooperative. Besides, most parents are exhausted before and after the arrival of a new baby. It may be best to postpone potty training for a little bit if you feel it would be too difficult for you or your toddler.
  • Moving: Moving is usually not a good time to potty train, too much stress on your child and you!
  • Health Problems: It’s probably best to wait and potty train when you feel better or have health problems under control.
  • Other Changes with Toddler are Occurring: You don’t want to begin potty training while you’re working your little one through other changes like giving up a bottle or pacifier, or moving from a crib to a bed.
  • Going Through a Stressful Time: Potty training can take a lot of patience and if you are going through a really stressful time it may not be a good time to begin.
  • Packed Schedule: It’s usually best if you have a couple days that you can dedicate solely to potty training when you first begin potty training your toddler. You have to help your little one get the hang of using the potty. If you don’t have the time to set him/her up for success in the beginning, the whole process may take longer.

Don’t Worry!

If you realize you aren’t ready to potty train your child right now, it’s okay. Choosing the time that is right for you and your toddler will make potty training go much smoother! You will be happier if you put off potty training until your child shows signs of potty-training readiness and you are ready as well!

If the time does seem right for the both of you then the next step is to decide on a potty training method and then finding the right reward to motivate and encourage your child through the process!


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